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Satya Aircon & Eng. Services Pvt. Ltd. is an air conditioning company incorporated with a vision to provide state of the art, technically appropriate, professional HVAC solutions to corporates in the Eastern India and Chhatisgarh. Satya Aircon has more than 20 years experience in the field of air conditioning, heating, designing, installing and commissioning HVAC solutions for various sectors of the industry, like corporate offices, software development centers, hotels, hospitals & pharma labs, industrial & ventelation applications and the hospitality industry.

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Giving away a part of your project could be a task. Let us handle it for you! We, at Satya Aircon provide full-proof solutions for your HVAC!


Installations of different machines take different routes, whether it is a cooling system, an entire unit or a heat pump. At Satya Aircon, we believe that the key to a successful installation is getting the system size right!


An HVAC health is as crucial as ours. The key to a healthy life comes with regular checks. Our motto is to treat the machines just right!

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