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Air Conditioning

One of the first few HVAC contractors in Eastern India, we have successfully completed more than 60 milestone air conditioning projects around India and it’s neighbouring countries. Undertaking a project, at the design phase, we make sure that the execution, commissioning and testing stages are carried out as effortlessly as possible. Our major projects include various Malls, Schools, Heritage monuments, Sports Stadiums and Universities. To view more, check out our ‘Projects Tab’


India’s urban growth has been at a massive rise in the past decade due to which the cost of space has also increased manifold. Multi storied buildings have all services under a single roof. Good Ventilation in these buildings is a major criteria that makes the difference. At Satya Aircon, our priority lies in providing the best kind of Car park ventilation, Basement ventilation, Kitchen Ventilation, Lobby and Elevator ventilation. Efficient design is our primary aim


Although not very common in warmer climates like ours, the goal with heating is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor quality. Most Skyscrapers need to balance out the temperature during winters. Our major clients within this field have been located in higher altitudes namely hospitals in Bhutan and a couple of resorts located at hill stations

Fire Protection

A new entry within our services, we have taken time to create our niche in this field as we know how crucial this service is. To create a functional and reliable safety system is our goal. We have a dedicated team that carefully carries out the design that works on the principles of unique detection, fire suppression, smoke detection

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